Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Digital Humanities: The Morpheus Database Mark 2


"Stablenesse in this worlde is ther noon.
Ther is nothing but chaunge and variaunce"

Thomas Hoccleve, My Compleinte

The Morpheus Database (Mark 2) represents a second stage in the development of an interactive archive of transformation in literature. At this point, I begin Beta Testing the database by allowing online access to the information in order to assess the viability of the program in a more extensive and public mode. 

Over the summer I will be continuing to expand the current Literary Database and will then be adding a Critical Theory Database. While philosophy and art are inextricable, there are pragmatic reasons to follow conventions in genre to assist academics not fluent in literary practices and archives. This database will be more targeted towards the intersection of Gender and Disability in Medieval Literature, particularly those relating to Transgender Histories and Theories of Change.

Through testing and responses from users, I hope to significantly improve the method, analysis, and layout of the database towards the goal of a more permanent and useful resource in the digital humanities of gender, disability and change. The phase of testing represents a relation to public engagement and critique that I hope to demonstrate in my blog and other digital work. The hope of this is to continue the work of breaking open the academy from Institutions based on exclusionary evaluation methods, admittance, and codes of conduct that leave many brilliant minds outside the intellectual conversation.

Towards these goals, please check out The Morpheus Database and share your thoughts, questions and research!


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