Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Queer Faith in Times of Crisis: A Poem


A poem for my students
inspired by the Spring 2021 syllabus:
Queer Christianity

Our minds and hearts grow
Only by opening up our circles
To discover that Paradise is as small or as big
As our ability to live with mystery and otherness
During these Little Hours we have spent together
We have rode buses from kingdoms to kin-doms
Across states and states of mind
Finding queerness in the secrets parts all around us

Through Hell we have harrowed fear, pain, and chaos
Conquering conversion therapy and colonialism
With the hope of abolishing the walls and prisons
That isolate the most precious parts of us

Veering into the Limbos of the Unknown
We have lost our sense of straight time and place
Following the horizons of utopia
Beyond unlivable lives and categories

Together we wrestled myths
Encountering visions of mountain tops
Of Fathers, Eunuchs, and Gay Cowboys
Dueling and shadow boxing our internalized toxicity

At Forks in the road we enter the Twilight of the semester
Finding sparkly faeries and vampires
In fields where the dirty computers dance
Screwing back down a screwed up world

And at last we end back in the beginning
Allowing ourselves to start again
To create again, to be remade again
Ever growing, ever changing, ever an unclosed circle.

The future of this queer world is yours to write.
So stay focused, don’t forget the small things,
Because a single stone can bring down mountains.
What you know, what you do, what you say, what you think matters.
Stay curious everyone. Thank you.--

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