Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Mingling of Lights: Wedding Vows of the Reverend and Doctor

"In Valinor twice every day 
there came a gentle hour of softer light 
when both trees were faint and 
their gold and silver beams were mingled"

The Silmarillion

Vows of the Golden Tree

I promise to give you nuzzles even when I'm tired or my feelings are hurt

I promise to be honest always and gentle

I promise to protect you always, to use wisdom in discerning when to act in your defense

I promise to never grow tired of your pondering or the excitement you have in sharing your comic books and other books you are reading

I promise to respect your body, mind, and soul and all the wonderful intricacies that makes you wonderfully you

I promise to challenge you to be the best you you can be, even if it gets me in trouble

I promise to let go of the things that do not matter, and be more gracious than judgmental of your growing edges

I promise to respect your boundaries of self-care

I promise to be an anchor for you when you feel as if you might fall down or apart

I promise to honor our theological differences of opinion, to celebrate our unity, and hopefully to push one another to expansive thinking

I promise to read books in common and debate ideas, disagree when necessary

I promise to see your beauty even when you aren't running anymore, and maybe your teeth are gone

I promise to honor your role as momma Gabby, and the brilliant ways you encourage our kids to think more critically, see the talents they embody, and encourage world domination by these Bahr warriors

I promise to raise kids with you, go on pilgrimages with you, support your spiritual growth and endeavors

It's taken me years to feel more at peace in my body, and I'm clear that there is nobody I would rather begin this journey than with you, I love you forever and always, I love you and I like you



Vows of the Silver Tree

To your golden light, I vow my silver tree. When the day has wearied you, as you are ready to rest, may I be the light to shine on you through the night when all other lights go out. Because I shine the brighter in your presence.

To your thirst for adventure, I vow my fellowship. When shires label you a “disturber of the peace,” the road carries you off, through mist and shadow, far from home, may I be your companion into the distant mountains. The world is a far bigger place because of you.

To your courage, I vow my loyalty. When the good fight rides out to meet you, even when all seems lost, may I be your shield maiden, guarding your back. I can’t always carry your burden but sometimes I can carry you. The world is a more resilient place because of you.

To your creativity, I vow my patient help. When the spheres whisper their secrets to your imagination, as you play and wonder, may I be your cheerleader and assistant, your editor and researcher. The world is a more interesting place because of you.

To your compassion, I vow my heart-chest. When you challenge the despair of world’s end, may I be a 2nd heart to carry laughter and tears. The world is a kinder place because of you.

To your power, I vow my hearth and home. When you set down your burdens may I be the last homely house with comfort and neck rubs. The world is a stronger place because of you.

To your western sky, I vow my waiting ships. As we marry not only into one another’s lives but also one another’s brokenness, changes, and death, may I honor not only this version of you but each version that will come. And when night falls and all the world turns to silver glass, may you sail into the west knowing that my fellowship, loyalty, help, hearth, hope, and perseverance is still with you and the good your golden light brings into this world.

To your you, I vow my me. I love you and I like you. I vow to be a mother to our children, to be your partner, your wife, and your “us” as long as long as we both shall live.



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