Monday, May 22, 2017

Wear Your Advocacy: Transliterature Opens an Online Store!


“Sche gan to brewyn

The Book of Margery Kempe
(Good for much but not business advice)

Transliterature Online is proud to announce the opening of an online store. Currently, the selection is limited to an assortment of button designs but more styles and items will soon be coming. All proceeds from the sales will go to funding important charities, starting with the Transgender Travel Fund run by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship that just this year brought two trans scholars to the Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, Michigan, an important conference for those interested in engaging in studies of the Middle Ages.

This year, the goal was to print a few buttons as prototypes to test to see if there was any demand for such a venture. Based on initial interest, a pilot order was placed for packs of 10 buttons in each of the four original designs. The hope was to sell enough to match the cost of the buttons (which would be covered by Transliterature as a donation) and have a few extra to give away at a later event. How surprised was I when the buttons sold out within 24 hours! The total funds generated by the pilot program was $150. At a certain point, the prototypes began to be sold as well as the buttons off my coat, and still a wait list began to develop.

For future conferences, I will continue to try out new designs as well as some of the old, so everyone who wants to donate and get a button can. Likely, there will start to be designs exclusive to specific events, available only at the conference. In any case, even if this is a temporary experiment, Transliterature is proud to be able to facilitate funding toward some great causes and working with you to build advocacy for important issues. Thank you for your investment and interest!


"A Trans Middle Ages Matters" Button 
(mini and 2.5 inch single or 10 pack)

"They called me the LOATHLY LADY before I was nasty" Button (mini and 2.5 inch single or 10 pack)

"Queer Gower: Confess Love, Voice Pride, Reflect Your Truth" Button (mini and 2.5 inch single or 10 pack)

"Mad for Margery" Button (mini and 2.5 inch single or 10 pack)

"#Transform" Button (mini and 2.5 inch single or 10 pack)


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